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Our Public Access system lets you search, track and comment on planning applications and appeals, dating back to Important note to users of Public Access – please be aware that if you register as a user of the system and wish to submit comments, your name and address will be published immediately to the Public Access website. Personal telephone numbers and email addresses will not be published. Comments received will be available via the Documents and Comments tab on the next working day after submission. Major applications can take up to 5 working days. Any comments that contain offensive, defamatory or discriminatory language will not be considered in determining the application and may be removed.

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When many of your friends are married or in long-term relationships during this season, life can feel lonely. Dating can feel even more isolating. Online dating services can be a tool to help you navigate relationships at any stage. The virtual scene can seem overwhelming to many people though and full of potential problems. Dating later in life is significantly different than entering the world of romantic relationships for the first time ever.

And for individuals who did not grow up with social media as an integral part of daily life, understanding online etiquette, dynamics, and subtleties can feel intimidating.

Old Town Há”™i An, the city’s historic district, is recognized as an exceptionally well-preserved example of a Southeast Asian trading port dating from the 15th to​.

This article delineates the history of urban planning , a technical and political process concerned with the use of land and design of the urban environment, including air, water, and the infrastructure passing into and out of urban areas such as transportation and distribution networks. The history of urban planning runs parallel to the history of the city , as planning is in evidence at some of the earliest known urban sites. The pre-Classical and Classical periods saw a number of cities laid out according to fixed plans, though many tended to develop organically.

Designed cities were characteristic of the Minoan , Mesopotamian , Harrapan , and Egyptian civilisations of the third millennium BC see Urban planning in ancient Egypt. The first recorded description of urban planning appears in the Epic of Gilgamesh : “Go up on to the wall of Uruk and walk around. Inspect the foundation platform and scrutinise the brickwork. Testify that its bricks are baked bricks, And that the Seven Counsellors must have laid its foundations.

One square mile is city, one square mile is orchards, one square mile is claypits, as well as the open ground of Ishtar ‘s temple. Three square miles and the open ground comprise Uruk. Look for the copper tablet-box, Undo its bronze lock, Open the door to its secret, Lift out the lapis lazuli tablet and read. Distinct characteristics of urban planning from remains of the cities of Harappa , Lothal , Dholavira , and Mohenjo-daro in the Indus Valley Civilisation in modern-day northwestern India and Pakistan lead archeologists to interpret them as the earliest known examples of deliberately planned and managed cities.

Archaeological evidence suggests that many Harrapan houses were laid out to protect from noise and to enhance residential privacy; many also had their own water wells, probably both for sanitary and for ritual purposes.

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Relishing restaurants. Perfect park picnics. Decadent desserts.

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Do you want to plan an EPIC date to show your partner how much they mean to you? We’re not talking about just planning another Saturday night, we’re talking about planning a date your partner will never forget! This package is great for wedding anniversaries, re-proposals , or just making your partner feel like they are still your number one priority. After you complete our profile, you receive unique and personalized date ideas that we create just for you and your partner.

Once you have the date idea you love we bring the date to life by matching you with the perfect vendors, venues, and coordinating the entire date. Our team of Romantic Date Planners will take care of all of the details. Keep things fresh and exciting in your relationship by hiring a Romantic Date Planner. With the Romantic Date Planning Package, we handle everything from start to finish so that your date goes off without a hitch.

From unforgettable anniversaries to unique re-proposals , we specialize in creating an experience you’ll always treasure. Following a detailed analysis of your questionnaire, we’ll create customized date ideas based on your relationship and budget. Vendors and venues are selected and booked for your romantic date location with gorgeous views, musicians, photographers, etc. Enjoy your date stress free while all the details are executed flawlessly for you. Our team of experts knows the right questions to ask you to effectively create a sentimental and personalized date idea for your significant other.

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We will customize your date night ideas to be creative, romantic and something you can do at home! Stay safe while staying intentional with date night! Fight off the boring, go-to date nights.

View planning applications. Our Public Access system lets you search, track and comment on planning applications and appeals, dating back to

Exceptional to SAWA is that the building will be built entirely in CLT cross-laminated timber and is therefore the first fully wooden residential building of 50 meters high in Rotterdam. In addition, the building is distinguished by the generous green terraces, with which the building enhances the biodiversity of the neighborhood. In the context of the European Green Deal, UN Sustainable Development Goals and objectives of the municipality of Rotterdam to reduce CO2 emissions, the client and architect share the ambition to fully execute the building, including the main support structure, in CLT.

There are multiple advantages of building in CLT: In addition to the fact that it storages CO2 and reduces emissions, construction time will be shorter compared to concrete construction and living comfort will increase. SAWA will be an exemplary project for new generations, an important step in the sustainability objectives and tangible evidence that things can be done differently. Dutch cities continue to grow and experience increasing pressure.

The consequences of this urbanization on the human ecosystem – eg flooding, heat stress and increasing CO2 emissions – are becoming increasingly noticeable. At the same time, the habitat of birds, bees and butterflies is being considerably limited by increasing urbanization and mineralization of the landscape. With the design for SAWA, Mei commits to changing this evolution and contribute to a healthy living environment.

In collaboration with city ecologists, a building is designed in a way in which vegetation is integrated into balconies, terraces and decks, thus increasing the biodiversity of the neighborhood. The Lloydquarter has a rich maritime history, dating back to around The Lloyd Pier owes its name to the Rotterdamsche Lloyd shipping company, that built a terminal on the pier from which its passenger ships departed to the east of the world. The SAWA building owes its name to the trampled form with generous green terraces, as a reference to Eastern rice fields and the history of the place.

SAWA is being developed in the heart of the neighborhood and will, partly because of this central location, provide added value to the neighborhood by creating meeting areas and by connecting with existing local initiatives.

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Dating an event planner or thinking about asking one out? Good choice. Event planners are some of the most organized and well-prepared people on this planet, and they always have the hottest party invites. But with all that attention to detail comes, shall we say, a few unique character quirks that only people who spend a lot of time with event planners can truly understand.

Here are eight things to know before you date an event planner.

Half of all singletons now use online dating sites and apps to help BFF who won’t stop banging on about her wedding planning, we dare you.

Established in the early 13th century along the banks of the Daugava River, medieval Riga is the capital of the newly established nation of Latvia. The city’s strong German flavor, dating back to the days of the Hanseatic League, is evident in its architectural styles, fashions and cuisine as well as in the sheer numbers of Germans who visit each year.

Our knowledgeable agents are here to support you. Start chatting with one now! Chat Now! Riga Established in the early 13th century along the banks of the Daugava River, medieval Riga is the capital of the newly established nation of Latvia. Activities The Freedom Monument, affectionately called Milda by locals dates from It’s a national shrine for Latvians in memory of people who were deported to Siberia in Soviet times Great and Small Guild Halls – Both buildings dating back to the 14th century; it was the home of the merchants and the city’s artisans The House of Blackheads dating from , was used to house traveling, single members of the merchants guild Cat House – the story goes that years ago, the Latvian owner of the building was “not welcomed” into the the powerful Great Guild across the road.

To be insulting to his enemies, he ordered the cats to be turned around, It’s worth seeing it for the 18th century frescoes and the true medieval atmosphere Shopping The central market is one of Europe’s largest markets and also its most ancient, dating back at least to the city’s info structure in Riga’s market was not always so large nor was it always in its present location : currently, the central market is housed in five great Zeppelin hangars behind the train and bus stations, five huge aircraft hangars which were erected between and

Can ‘the Planner’ and ‘Winging It’ Live Happily Ever After?

Actually, we found nearly 1 in 10 couples who ended up married met on Tinder! Seriously, online dating is as normal as ordering your groceries on the web. With more than 1, dating sites and apps floating around the internet, it has never been easier to find one that suits your wants and needs. Your happily ever after begins here.

Next up is the king of the dating apps.

dating planners With the wide array of information available on and offline we offer you a one-stop shop for all your wedding needs and flawless execution to.

Most people prefer to keep their relationships private, and then there are those who choose to broadcast their personal stories, along with some advice and a few laughs, to the masses via podcasts. Formatted to entertain, educate and facilitate self-help, these podcasts often uncover hot topics and sensitive issues, from tales of singledom to parenting struggles, and everything in between.

Betches Brides. The host, Aleisha McCormack, 38, of Melbourne, Australia, is focused on reducing wedding-planning stress. With more than episodes to date, guests include psychologists, financial experts and travel planners. The Big Wedding Planning Podcast. Two wedding planners, Christy Matthews, 36, of Phoenix, and Michelle Martinez, 44, of San Francisco, use their combined 31 years of experience to broadcast valuable takeaways from their viewpoints as industry insiders.

The weekly, hourlong installments feature entertaining wedding day stories, audience-submitted concerns, and interviews with venue owners, lawyers and marriage proposal photographers. Chats explore etiquette, meshing religions, the rental business and newspaper announcements. Couple Things. Four years into their marriage, the former Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, 28, and Andrew East, 28, a National Football League free agent, deliver raw stories and unguarded confessions while chronicling their history together.

Not The Worst Marriage. Sara, 33, and Sterling Buckley, 36, high school sweethearts, became parents as teens.

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Dating is important—not just for getting to know a love interest, but for sharing experiences throughout a relationship. In the beginning, a good date idea sets the scene to break the ice and help you make a connection with someone. Deeper into a relationship, regular reconnections can help keep your bond solid. That’s why we polled the experts to reveal their favorite date night and day ideas for couples, first-time dates and relationship statuses in between. Think hard about the venue while you’re planning a first date.

Good first date ideas are ones that facilitate upbeat conversation, so it’s probably not a good idea to choose a loud bar or dark movie theater.

Apr 30, – #1 way to save money on groceries is planning meals. Thus, 2-​Week FREE printable meal planners. 4 different designs. from.

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Find out the status, details and final decision for all planning applications we receive. Look at planning applications online. If the application you’re looking for is very recent it may be on the weekly planning list. For household, commercial or industrial building works, contact your district council.

Applications. Search for and track current planning applications in the District View decision notices and other documentations dating back to the early 90’s.

To download high-res images, visit photo gallery. Are you looking to elevate your next date above ordering pizza and watching Netflix from your couch? Whether you’re keeping an old flame alive or looking for ways to spark a new one, Houston has dozens of activities for your next romantic date out on the town. Play Video. Travel Planning. What’s Trending.

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